Car Spray Wax V/s Paste Wax: A Quick Comparison

Car waxes will allow your car to have a nonporous appearance. Other than that, they will also help to fill the scratches that might already exist on the car’s surface. We have also known many types of car waxes that allow your cars exterior surface to remain protected from stains and smudges.

However, after a wax application, your car will lose it over time. Therefore, you will have to go back in to apply more wax on it. We are not saying you must overdo it but get your car waxed every couple of months never fails to impress.

Car Spray Wax vs Paste Wax

Comparison between Spray wax and Paste Wax

You might be a little confused with the type of wax that you should use on your car. We have also noticed there are a lot of misconceptions regarding this topic. Today, we are here to bust them all. Also, if you think that spray wax and paste wax are the same things, you are probably wrong. To differ them from each other you will probably need a little knowledge of car cleaning products. By the end of this discussion, you will be clear about which type of wax you should go with in order to make your car look better than it already does.

What is Spray Wax?

As the name suggests, these type of waxes come in a spray bottle. It is liquid (obviously) but is used to offer a thin layer of a waxy protective coating over the car. Generally, these types of wax for cars are unscented and white. For applying these on your car, you won’t need a thick applicator. Additionally, even if the amount of the wax is less, it will still be sufficient. That is because the thin layer of wax will spread uniformly, and even less will be more. It is like spray painting. So you will also realize that the time you spend in waxing your car will be reduced. One more advantage of using spray wax over other types of car waxes is that they are very cost-effective and can last long if applied correctly. If you wish you can also directly spray it on an MF cloth and then spread it onto your car’s exterior. Also, if you apply it in a thin layer, it will turn out to be better.

You should pick spray wax if –

  • You do not want to spend a lot of time waxing your car.
  • You do not find it easy to work with thick waxy layers of car wax.
  • You wish to make no extra mess when you think of going along with car waxes.
  • You want the application to be easy.

What is Paste Wax?

For many years people have used paste wax to give a gentle finish to furniture. However, with advanced technology manufacturers have been able to derive a wax formula of paste waxes that can be applied on cars as well. It is thick and creamy, and hence you will have to take professional help or at least learn its application intricately to achieve a good finish. Additionally, it is mainly used by people who like to have a glossy look on their cars. These type of waxes are also known for providing ample protection against heat and water. However, you have to also know that paste waxes are not going to protect your cars from scratches. Just because they are thicker than spray wax does not mean paste wax will offer full-on protection. Furthermore, make sure you only pick branded paste waxes.

You should pick Paste Wax if –

  • You want to save your car’s surface from water and heat.
  • You want to have a thicker waxy layer.
  • You care more about the finish of the wax and want your car’s surface to appear glossy.
  • You know how to handle and apply paste waxes well.

Bottom Line

Both spray waxes and paste waxes are almost equal when it comes to their lifespan. It is their consistency and application that differs. If you wish you can look at some of the information on the methods of car care to make sure you are ready to apply the wax by yourself. There are many informative articles these days on this topic. And if you get stuck, you can also go for some of the other professional help.