How Do You Do a Radiator Flush? Simple Tips

Radiator fluid is known better as a coolant. Some people also stick to calling it antifreeze. This fluid keeps the radiator cool. Cooling is required because sometimes the engine of the car might become too hot. And when the weather is hot, heat can be a big problem for your car. In the long run, overheating may cause your car to give up and fail. Therefore, the job of a radiator is to control the heat so that such problems are never faced. The radiator fluid in the radiator works like the blood transfusion.

Overtime the radiator fluid might get contaminated as it catches debris. This will lead to the corrosion of the radiator, and it will not be able to cool the engine down. Therefore, in such situations, you will need a radiator flush where you will remove the fluid and fill the radiator with the coolant that isn’t contaminated. A proper radiator flush will minimize huge chances of corrosion. Such maintenance will save you money in the long run because it will help you avoid sever car damages very easily.

Don’t think you won’t be able to do the radiator flush by yourself. We are here as an aid, and we will explain to you the entire process thoroughly today.

Flush Your Cars Radiator Properly


How to know whether or not you need to flush your car’s radiator

One of the best ways to know this is to check if your car is overheating. When that happens, there is probably a leak in the coolant system of the car.  Overheating also suggests contamination in some or the other way in the antifreeze. Additionally, an odd smell from the hood might also suggest a problem with the cooling system.

Let us learn how to do a radiator flush properly step by step –

  • Open your car’s hood and look for radiator and coolant cap. Open it slowly with a gentle motion.
  • You can consult the manual to see if there are any leaks or not.
  • Open the drain cock of the radiator to start draining the radiator fluid. Try draining the entire fluid on the pan.
  • Once the draining is done discard the fluid into the drain. However, if you have a coolant collection centres at the place of your residence, it will be useful to discard the coolant there.
  • You will now have to pour a radiator flush to remove excess debris that might have settled down. You can find much good quality radiator flush in the market quickly.
  • Close the caps after filling the flush and go in to start your car’s engine. Once you are done staring it, you are required to leave it running for at least 10 minutes.
  • After ten minutes have passed, you are required to cool your car engine down properly before you move to the next step.
  • When you know for sure that your car has cooled down, you are supposed to do the draining again.
  • This time, again remove the caps and open the drain cock slowly.
  • With this the radiator flush with drain taking out all types of contaminants and debris with it.
  • But the work is still not down. Now you have to fill the system with water and repeat the process that we mentioned above.
  • As a word of caution, we will again say that you must let your car cool down for the final step.
  • As the draining of water is done its time to add the antifreeze also known as coolant finally.
  • Open the cap and fill the antifreeze slowly. Make sure the drain cock is not on this time though.
  • Once the proper filling is done, you are all set to drive your car quickly and comfortably even when the weather is hot.

Bottom Line

Some people find it extremely tricky to flush their car’s radiator. However, many people claim that the process is so easy that with little practice and some cautions anyone can do it. Additionally, we would also like to ask you to wash your skin thoroughly as you finish the process. Other than that, it would help if you also cleaned the areas where you might have accidentally spilt some amount of the antifreeze/coolant. Also, please don’t be shy to take someone’s help as it is always easier that way. But never stick to relying on others because as a car owner, you must know basic processes like doing a radiator flush.