How to Clean a Car with a Pressure Washer? – Learn the Right Technique with Some Easy Steps

Car is the most valuable vehicle to almost everyone. As being a valuable vehicle, it requires to be clean and tidy. In earlier days, most people wash cars manually with water and liquid soaps which were time-consuming. Now by the intelligence and professional solutions, you can wash your car with a pressure washer.

When pressure water hits the surface of the car, it lifts off debris, dirt, and other sticky objects from the surface of your car and gives it a clean finish. You can find a range of pressure washer options online and choosing the right one is easy by reading a buying guide. Meanwhile, you get the manual to use a pressure washer, it might be tough to learn from such a small guide.

Pressure Washers for Car

As you can find that some people want a beautiful and tidy appearance of their car but don’t have much time. Well, a car pressure washer takes 10 to 15 minutes to clean your car. If you also want to use a pressure washer, then let’s go through the following easy to follow steps –

  1. Suitable pressure washer and nozzle

Firstly, you need to take a suitable pressure washer as there are varieties of washers available and with suitable power. Get a nozzle with a washer as well which is useful for washing the car and cover the wider surface of the car. Among the huge options, choosing the right type is easy based on what kind of vehicle you want to clean with it.

The nozzle is used to adjust the pressure and it will be easy if you choose to work on a medium pressure to have better usability. Connecting the hose to a pressure washer and adjusting the nozzle opening will help you choose the desired pressure. If you want to go for high power and extra pressure washer, then you should be careful.

When you are working with higher pressure, the hose is hard to control and balancing it with your weight requires experience. So, do not choose high pressure until you get used to it. If you are not sure that which one is right to buy, you can take suggestions from experts and find the right one.

  1. Spray your car

The next step is to spray your car with water and take care that the pressure of the washer is mild. Always do these activities in open parking areas. While applying water to the car you have to be 3 to 4 feet away. All the doors and window should be close so that water cannot enter the car.

When you are standing close to the car, you will end up getting wet and putting the water drops on yourself. Maintaining the right distance is also based on pressure. If the pressure is too high, you need a little distance, whereas you don’t have to worry about it at lower pressure. Using the washer is simple and easy in such situations.

  1. Apply detergent or liquid soap

Moving next you have to apply soap to the car and make sure that the car’s body is wet. Some washer has a small tank attached with the washer in which we can add the liquid soap, but it is your choice you can apply manually also. There are detergent and liquid soap washers also available in the market.  Keep the windows up and check if there is no open zone for water to get into the car.

The best part is, you can cover your car with soap water in a couple of seconds using the liquid soap washers and cover your car in bubbles easily. You can give a nice and clean touch to the job. Waiting for a couple of minutes is necessary so that the soap lifts stubborn sticky debris and remove it easily.

  1. Wash detergent off the car

The final step is to wash off the detergent from the car with the appropriate nozzle and let it to be dry. Some people apply the detergent and instantly wash their car. Well, if your car has birds poop and it is dry, you should be extra careful. According to a survey, birds poop causes thousands of dollars of damage to car’s paint every year.

Do not let birds poop dry and if it is stuck on your car paint, then let the soap water stay on your car for a few seconds. Soap will moist the poop and removing it will be easy. Being careful with the technique is also necessary to avoid any hefty damage.

The Final Verdict

No need to mention that you need a good parking space to wash the car from the washer. Maintain a good distance while washing your car and be safe from the electrical outlet as your hands might be wet. Meanwhile, you are washing the car for the very first time with a washer, you should read the manual to understand the right way to control pressure.

One important note for every first time user of a pressure washer is, do not to use it on high pressure. Control the pressure by fastening the knob. It will reduce pressure, and controlling the hose will be easy. Make sure that you clean under the bonnet, above the tires and other parts of the car effectively.

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