4 Warning Signs Your Car Needs New Brake Pads

We have seen innumerable car owners who do not even care a single bit when it comes to the brake maintenance of their cars. The frontal wheels of the vehicle have a good braking apparatus. A few of the essential parts of this apparatus include – metallic discs, rotors and calliper. When you push the brake pedal of your car, the callipers in the apparatus start closing and then press the rotors from both the sides. In turn, a considerable amount of friction is produced, which helps in slowing down the car wheels and eventually bring the car to a stop. Brake pads are removable and help the callipers to have contact with the rotors. Therefore, to have a better braking apparatus, you must get your brake pads to check regularly.

Today, we are here with four significant warning signs that occur when the brake pads of the car are not okay. Let us discuss them –

Car Brake Pads

1. When you apply brakes, you hear a squealing noise

Sometimes as soon you hit the brake pads you will hear a noise that you have never noticed before. Maybe you will think of ignoring it as you would think that it has already been there and you have only noticed it this time. This is where things will go wrong. A squealing voice can sometimes indication motor scraping. The scraping might be happening between the motor and the brake pads. This is a warning sign, and it is telling you that the pads that you currently have are slowly eroding.

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2. It takes a lot of time to stop your car

Trust us; this is a big warning sign. Not just in cars, this should be taken care of if you ever notice it in your bikes as well. Professionals have given this problem the name of ‘brake fade.’ Generally, this happens when you keep driving your car in such a way that you apply brakes occasionally and that is not meant to stop your car. Many people who live in hill areas suffer a lot from brake fade. As they drive downhill, they have to press the brakes multiple times to stop the car. If you ever notice your car is taking a lot of time to come to a halt it’s time to get the brake pads checked.

3. When you press brakes, you hear a clicking sound

In many of the car models, the brake pads are known to fit into an area known as the holding device. However, in some other car models, we have seen manufacturers and engineers developing pins, bolts and clips. No matter what the device is, they are all used to prevent the brake pads from wobbling. However, if any of these parts get damaged or lose, they will start making a clicking sound. Sometimes most of them even begin to rattle. Such sounds are especially noticed when you push or release the brake pedal.

4. The brake pedal starts vibrating as soon as you push it

If you ever notice the brake pedals shaking violently as soon you step on the brake, then this is a matter of concern. Hence, you should never delay in getting your car checked professionally. Generally, brake pedals are held together with resin. As the pads start wearing down, the adhesive gets hot and becomes incapable of holding the pads in place. Sometimes it may get liquidy and also form an uneven layer over the surface of the disc. Hence you will surely go through some vibrations. They can also compromise braking ability so get it fixed as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

If you ever avoid these warning signs, you will be likely to face a breakdown in the middle of a road. Also, there might be chances when you are not able to get a mechanic nearby. Additionally, this can also jeopardize your safety as in dangerous situations; you might not even be able to stop your car. Most of the times, these situations lead to accidents, and the damage that gets caused to the car is also too high to be fully reversed. Do not procrastinate in getting your brake pads checked. If you wish you can also tell your car servicemen to check them well when you take your car for a servicing session. We hope you understand the seriousness of the situation and take great care of your car.